Hacking Probelm With SSBB(j)


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Sep 3, 2007
United States
OK, it took me about 6 days to download this torrent but it completely finished today. I went out and bought one of these 3 pack DL DVD packs and tried to burn the image using imgbrn. Ok, so the first DVD had an error about half way. The second one, when finalizing the DVD it gave me an error. Now the third one finished just fine. No errors or anything. So I put the DVD in my modded Wii and it just says "Unable to read the disc". Now I dont know what modchip my Wii has since I just came back from a trip to Colombia and had it installed there. It wasnt a quicksolder, it was more like the Wiinja style of chip, but it didnt have any legs. Lets just say that the total cost of everything including installation was about $30 US dollars. Maybe my modchip doesnt read DL games but Ive checked on every site and it says that EVERY MODCHIP READS THIS GAME. So Im completely lost and dont know what to do. Should I have used Regiofrii or anything like that? Because it was my understanding that only PAL users needed it. Please, someone help!!!!! I wanna play SSBB... :'( :'(

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