Pro ADHOC plugin in process of being worked on to support Adrenaline.

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    For those who do not know what this is, Pro ADHOC is a plugin designed to work with PSP PRO CFW that allows the user to play any multiplayer game that works with ADHOC (Local Wireless) online with other players without the need of a client software. Basically you can play any multiplayer game online (With some games having compatibility issues) The process works by loading the plugin on PSP running PRO CFW, along with a text file that connects you to the server and can match make you with other players. You can do this with your own PSP system (100X model) is the only exception or even using the PPSSPP emulator to play your games online.

    I came across a post on the coldbird forum that states someone is currently working on making it compatible with Henkaku's Adrenaline PSP emulator. This means adrenaline users like myself and some others, will be able to play psp games online with the coldbird server.

    To some it may be interesting or maybe not. But there is one thing that is interesting. Playstation TV. It has a Ethernet cable, which means better connection than the built in connection than the poorly used built in wifi 2.4GHZ B/G chip. Again maybe not many will care, but I sure do. Online multiplayer PSP games, been wanting to try and play power stone online but never could find people to do it with, hopefully this will breath new life into the idea. :)
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    Yay! I hope Phantasy Star Online portable is supported!
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    It would be wonderful to have that feature. :)
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    This would be really awesome :D
    Also i saw at the date in the forum and its over 2 Months old. Since then there wasnt an update. Could someone write Belldandu in the forums for more informations ?