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    Jun 1, 2016
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    No. Printer ink gets heated in the print head and is specifically designed to withstand that kind of treatment. Pen ink would behave differently. At best you'd get terrible print quality; at worst, you'd destroy the print head.

    Just buy a new cartridge.
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    as mashers says,
    plus there might be differences in viscosity and some other stuff as well.
    I'd say try it but a print head is actually more expensive than a new printer (or very close most of the time)

    Except for wanting to earn lots of money with their overpriced inc that is a reason for the company to always tell you to buy original ink as the fake one might not be of good quality.

    At work we destroyed a lot of printers with fake ink and thanks to these the guarantee we not valid any more as well.
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    What others have said.
    If it is getting to you then you might want to look up continuous ink systems (CIS)/continuous ink supply systems (CISS) for your printer model and/or printer cartridge family. They are things you can refill trivially/continuously from a bottle without any real hassle that comes from more traditional refilling methods. A quick scan says there are some for your printer and cartridge family.

    I find it all too much faffing for my taste, but then again I seem to have fair access to a decent supply of old colour laser printers if I decided to go down that path and generally hate printing and printing related issues -- I have a black and white tiny laser printer for plane/concert/festival/ferry tickets, CVs, invoices, receipts, car/device manuals and directions for anything that needs something there. Everything else I will go bother a client with a proper printer for or take to the supermarket/wherever traditionally developed photos as they all realised moving into the modern world was the only way to survive now film has died.