Pre-version of kernel 2.0 RC20 for EZ5 v1, v2 and Plus owners

Discussion in 'EZ-Flash' started by FAST6191, Jan 4, 2011.

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    We tend not to post such news (prerelease/true test type releases) on the portal so it is not there. It is still good info so we have a copy on the forums.
    One thread on the US forums, you should be able to download without an account.

    Any news you want to relay can be posted here and it will be sent to/seen by those that it needs to be seen by.
    I am not sure what numbering we are using these days but I will try and find out.

    For those that missed it "encrypted roms"- when the DS rom is dumped some data is missing in the so called secure area. This data can be "replicated" by use of certain tools and it was useful for a while back when emulation was first getting going. These days it does nothing special other than cause a bit of aggro with various flash carts. You can decrypt with eNDryptS Advanced available from the link below but this saves you having to fire up a PC to do it.
    Also on the link is ndsts which should be able to tell you if something is encrypted (eNDryptS Advanced can as well).

    If you want to get technical about it all has more.
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    I used DS-Scene numbering. [​IMG]
    I don't like gbatemp one, because DSi enhanced release are considered as DSi dump which is false because they run also on ds/dslite.
    In fact there is only 6 DSi dump.