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PPSSPP standalone Switch port adds ad-hoc multiplayer


Not even a full week has passed since @m4xw 's PPSSPP Switch standalone initial release and we're already starting to see very interesting features being added to it! A brand new version with added ad-hoc multiplayer support has just been released publicly, which can be downloaded by visiting the official thread or clicking the link in the tweet below. The feature works just the same as every other PPSSPP release and it's fully cross-platform, so you can link together with both PPSSPP users running on other systems (like Windows or Android, for example) or even real PSPs (provided they are running CFW and have Pro Online Plugin installed & configured correctly)! However, keep in mind that setting up ad-hoc multiplayer is not a very straight forward process, so do not expect a one-click solution out of the box just yet (protip: if you're using the default server, you visit this page to check if you're connected). It's recommended to follow one of the various tutorials out there but if you think it's too difficult to set it up, you'll be glad to know @m4xw already looking for a way to streamline the process! On a last note, while the compatibility list is rather big, not all games work.

To update from the previous version, simply extract the files in the ZIP archive and copy them over to your Switch - overwrite if necessary. Remember to use an entrypoint that is able to give homebrew apps full RAM access (no album! Use Atmosphère's title redirection, but keep in mind NSPs are not officially supported) or you may encounter issues/slowdowns/crashes.

If you prefer using the libretro core instead, you can expect the various changes to be ported over to it in the future.

:arrow: GBAtemp Official thread
:arrow: GitHub Repo
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