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Sep 19, 2015
Since the Retroarch thread is getting polluted with the PPSSPP alpha release discussion i though it would be a neat idea to take the conversation to a new thread, because yes, PPSSPP is now a thing on Wii U

This thread is for general discussion and testing/reporting. Current build is basically a Alpha with a lot to do, but it still works quite nice... mostly.

You can download the emulator from here. Every new version will be added to the list.

First Build
Next build (no new build version)

If you'd rather have is as an app in your Wii U menu, here's a forwarder by @cucholix

Did a forwarder to have a fancy icon in Wii U menu :P
ID: 0005000057505350 (WPSP)
Banner name: PPSSPP
Boot sound: Wii U app stock sound

It points to the .rpx file in your SD
SD:/wiiu/apps/ppsspp/ppsspp.rpx <--- use this folder structure if you want use this forwarder

IT NEEDS TO BE INSTALLED TO USB! (bug in hbl2hbc forwarder code, base for this one)

There's an issue when trying to exit the app using this forwarder, it will show a flashing light-blue screen and reinitilize PPSSPP instead exiting to HBL or Wii U menu, but our good @ploggy discover a trick to exit, and it's pressing HOME during a light-blue screen, it will bring the HOME menu, then you can close the app from there :)

We'll use a form to report our findings and i'll update the OP as soon as i can. This is the data we'll use

SD type and Class:
Homebrew launcher version:
Emulator version:
Non default settings:
Issues observed:

Any report will be put in the compatibility list, or you could ask @Lia for permission to edit it yourselves. If you're going to do it, BE CIVIL, do not post erroneous or false reports.

Compatibility list. Thanks to @Lia

Also, if you can try to post photos, if you think they are noteworthy. It may help ironing some issues.


If this can run, why don't we have a PSX emulator?

By a myriad of reasons, but basically PSSPP already has a Dynarec to work with, but Beetle PSX no. This question isn't abut PPSSPP so let's move on

Does PPSSPP for Wii U support any controller aside of the DRC/Wii U Gamepad?

No, it doesn't

Will it?

Maybe? The emulator is in a very early state and the main objective is to get it running as perfectly as possible. Anything else will come after that

But i don't like the Gamepad!

You're missing the PSP XL experience then. Try it, it's pretty good

Does it run insert PSP game here?

It may run, and if it doesn't, give it time, it WILL run

Does it run eboot.pbp/PSX games?

Not even the original, more advanced PC version of PPSSPP can run PSX games, and the development team isn't interested on it whatsoever. Sorry but PSX emulation on Wii U will have to wait.

Can i load games via USB instead of SD Card?

Yes, you can, but take in account that the Wii U OS will try to format whatever USB device you use on the spot, so if you're going to use a USB device plug it in on the Homebrew launcher or directly on the PPSSPP menu. Also bear in mind that this isn't still very stable, so you may have issues.

I want the developer to implement X feature!

I'll be bold here: Leave the developer alone, he already has his hands full making the emulator work. Let's not push things

And that's it, let's enjoy ourselves and help in the development of this project however we can.
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Aug 10, 2015
This looks really promising. How much easier is the PSP to emulate than the PS2? If the PS2 is around just as difficult then maybe one day there's hope for a PCSX2 port or something. I'm sure that's unrealistic, but up until a few years ago PSP emulation was shit because the only emulator was a Java based one that wasn't very well optimized. PPSSPP is so optimized I even had PSP games functioning somewhat on my Xperia Play back in 2013.


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Nov 18, 2010
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Good news hopefully it gets improved to near perfection in time.
Someone was arguing that the WiiU is dead in a post I made about not paying nintendo for their online service when it comes out. Mario Kart 8 on WiiU is very much alive, never had an issue getting a race and only ran across 1 or 2 hackers ever. I assume smash bros and their other few multiplayer games are also still active. Black ops 2 is also alive on WiiU, you can't even get a call of duty game on switch.
Don't pay nintendo for their online, they have nothing to warrant an annual fee.
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