Potentially bricked switch

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    Oct 22, 2015
    Hi everyone !

    I know my post looks a lot like some I've seen here, but I can't seem to find my answer in any

    I hacked my switch (ReiNX) back in 6.2.0, boot and NAND backup. Then, I missclicked on "update to 7.0.0"
    Switch booted fine after the update, but I couldn't get CFW to work, since it isn't out yet
    I did too little research, and I thought restoring my NAND backup from 6.2.0 would work, but I didn't know about eFuses

    So I went into hekate and restored both boot0/1, and rawnand via hekate (in that order)

    However, once that was done, I powered off my switch and can't get it to respond to anything. It is not in RCM mode
    Right now, it's powered off (not black screen, but off), and I tried to boot in several ways, each one connected to my PC to check if it's in RCM mode
    - Normally
    - VOL +, VOL -, Power button
    - Rigging pin 1 and 10 with a paperclip, and pressing VOL +, Power button

    I can't seem to get into RCM. Is that normal / possible ? Perhaps I just haven't managed to contact the pins properly
    I have to use the unreliable bent paperclip method, because I live in France and don't have a 3D printer available

    Thanks a bunch
  2. Kubas_inko

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    Just try again and again (but don't destroy the pins :) ). There is nothing which can disable RCM from all the sudden.
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    This is not possible but its normal to not enter RCM all of the time hence why AutoRCM is so useful. Also you don't need a 3D printer to get a jig; just buy one off of eBay or Aliexpress.
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    Dont be panic. 7.0.0 CFW will be out very soon. Atmosphere and ReiNX are working on it. It is partially supported now.. The fully will be ready soon.
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