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    I know, i'm not into social websites but i really like to play once and awhile some poker for fun and after playing some Zynga poker, i prefer Full Stack Poker more then Zynga.

    And about Full Stack Poker on Facebook, i have a little question.

    The point:
    - Full Stack Poker gives you every hour the change to win $10.000.000 / $20.000.000 or $30.000.000 (Not real, just to play poker)
    - Every day you login you get a higher amount, till 5days+, on day 4 you get $60.000.000 and on day 5 and higher you get $100.000.000
    - Daily login bonus is $11.000.000
    - There's another lottery where you can win a huge cash (over xx billion), everybody who plays 4 aces wins, this cash depends on the time, from every play over the whole game there's a little bit that goes into this lottery and that builds up quick, starting cash is $1.000.000 and after a few minutes it's mostly over $

    My question is:
    - is there a tool or add-on to autorelead a webpage and not all webpages, but a single tab in your browser
    - browser of choice is Google Chrome (never used it before, so i really don't know if it works with add-ons like Firefox?)
    - autoreload the page every hour a few minutes before the hourly lottery starts (you don't have to play a game, just being in the lobby will do)
    this cause the game disconnect idle users after 15 or 20 minutes i think) So i can build my cash up when i'm doing other stuff, i can go out, sleep, work
    (My PC is on 24/24)
    - Normally when you play and when the hourly lottery starts you get the choice between 3 briefcases, you pick one, BUT if you don't pick one, the game picks one for you automatic after a xx seconds.
    - 24 * $10.000.000 = $240.000.000 in the worsed case scenario :)
    - 24 * $20.000.000 = $480.000.000
    - 24 * $30.000.000 = $720.000.000 in the best case scenario :) (yeah keep on dreaming)

    I know Google is my best friend, but before i go and install this all, i like to hear from ppl what is good for this

    In the end, If i lose everything, the next day i can play again on the higher tables this with doing close to nothing.
    (Yeah Zynga, you s*** when you lose alot, it's very hard to get your cash build up again to $1M+ or $10M+, No freebies from Zynga)