Pokemon XY connection with server was lost before saving to connect

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    Dec 13, 2014
    Hi all,

    I got Pokémon Y, and I was connecting to the GTS. I was on the save screen, when the message with "connection to server was lost", iirc was that right at the moment I was pressing "A" to save the game. I pressed OK, and I was curious to see what would happen, I mean whether or not it would ask to connect to the internet.

    So it didn't ask me about it, and after saving the screen went black, and I was back in the Pokécenter again. I started to wonder how the connection works after saving.

    I got a theory.

    1. It asks to connect to be sure that you have a connection, and are connected.
    2. You save the game to connect, and to save while you're in the GTS
    3. No check of connection after being disconnected, because you should still be connected.
    4. It connects to the GUI of the GTS server, by reaching the webadress.
    6. If it fails it doesn't give an error, but goes straight back to the Pokécenter or where you saved.

    Possibly the GTS can be faked, so that you get any Pokémon you want, but it might check to which server you connect to, and if it fails it exits, if that's the case, can't that check be bypassed by ROM hacks?

    Kind regards,