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  1. BusinessmanBlastoise

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    Jul 30, 2013
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    I have some questions, perhaps you guys could help me out? I'm kind of ripping my hair out trying to get back up to speed :3 I am currently researching Gateway cards to make sure it will do what I want it to do before biting the bullet and buying one along with a 4.1-4.5 3ds. If someone can answer my questions it will probably determine if I go ahead with my Gateway purchase or continue waiting (as well as ease a lot of my stress/confusion hehe).

    I currently utilize a PowerSave combined with my old R4, PokeGen, and Transporter. I've gotten pretty proficient in genning+breeding pretty much anything I could possibly want. I don't necessarily need a Gateway, however all the cartridge swapping and code applying with PowerSave is a massive time sink. Therefore I feel it's about time to move onto PKHeX to save time... and the money to buy a 4.1-4.5 system would certainly be worth the time saved.

    Here's my questions, just going to kind of list them otherwise I'll ramble on and become incohesive (will still probably be incohesive)

    1. I've read I won't be able to dump my game/save off my retail cartridge and use it on a Gateway if I've previously used the cartridge on a 6.x+ system. Is this true? If this is true, would I need to buy a new copy of the game or can I just wipe my save? How do you make it so you CAN extract the save and use it on a gateway? I don't really wanna start a fresh save again obviously... Just kinda confused how this works with pre-existing saves that are from on a 9.x system.

    2. Basically, I'm used to swapping my saves between my DS retail carts and my r4 willy nilly. I realize save encryption and all that really mucks everything up with Gateway and 3DS carts, but is there ANY possible way to swap saves easily between Gateway and Retail cart at any time? Quick example: Sending save to Gateway, editing with PKHeX, sending save back to retail cart, play retail cart on 9.x, rinse and repeat. I would prefer to play on my retail cartridge if at all possible and use the Gateway primarily for save editing. Can I easily swap saves back and forth? (Think Save Game Manager for r4).

    (Question 3 is kind of my last resort idea/question if I can't transfer save back to my retail cartridge)
    3. I've read it is entirely possible to play online and use PokeBank with your Gateway. I do not plan on using CIA's. Is it possible to transfer pokemon to the Pokebank from your "Gateway Save/Rom" THEN plug in your retail cart and access that bank to grab the pokemon out? In other words, is there any possible way to feasibly transfer pokemon off a Gateway onto a retail cartridge if I can't simply transfer the whole entire save?

    4. If you understand what I'm trying to do and you do not see it feasible at the current time, this is the point where you tell me to save my money. I'm not trying to download/horde a ton of roms or anything like that.. simply want to utilize Gateway to do my save editing as there are very few options for PKHeX. Should I just stick with my current methods and wait until something better comes around?

    I really hope these questions make sense. Kinda stressed so hard to write clearly.

    Thanks as always gbatemp friends
  2. Kaphotics

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    Sep 10, 2010
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    Look up the 'partial decryption method' with Powersaves by backing up your cart save, wiping the cart to FF, initializing it, then applying a Powersaves code (giving you the relevant savegame XORpad), which PKHeX can load and then export a compatible SaveDataFiler/CyberGadget save. So, the answer is you can.

    No, there is no way to restore saves to the 6.X encryption (gateway does 6.x encryption wrong as they do not set the relevant keyslots).

    No, you can't use retail carts from a 9.X system (which would have proper 6.X crypto) with a Gateway. Bank is locked to the console, so you either have it on the hacked console or your up-to-date one.

    There's always the potential with Gateway <9.2 support that the homebrew community may set up a re-signing service for retail savegames, but don't expect anything to come of it. Waiting for something better to come around is the risk you run when there are no concrete release dates.
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    I see. You answered most of my questions in a way I can understand! That's great! Just to lock the clarity in, allow me to follow up real quick (sorry if redundant, also have question about Cyber Gadget+PokeBank+USA Cart)

    1. So it looks like if I want to pursue my career in creating Pokemon with PKHeX (and Gateway) my best bet is to simply get used to doing all my work/play with the Gateway/Rom. Subsequently, if I ever need to transfer Pokemon to a Retail Cart I will have to do Online Trades between my 'hacked console' 3DS and my 'up-to-date' console. Does this sound right? As I am now under the impression it is impossible to pull Pokemon off my 'hacked console' PokeBank and onto my 6.x crypto retail cartridge.

    2. I admit I've also been looking into Cyber Gadget Save Editor. Say I were to acquire a JP versions of the game+3ds and Cyber Gadget. Could I purchase PokeBank, do my edits to my Japanese Cartridge, send pokes into the bank, plug in my USA cartridge and pull the pokemon off the bank onto that? Do you think, ignoring costs, that this would be a viable option for what I am trying to do?

    Sorry if this all kind of seems ridiculous. I do not know why I am so adamant about using my USA Retail Cart.. I should probably be more content with he idea of using Gateway full time. At any rate, thank you
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    Jan 1, 2015
    Hey Kaphotics,
    is there anyway to dump retail cart save to gateway save?
    my retail cart save is 6.0 and is there anyway i could extract it and convert to 4.x save?
    I have powersave, a 9.2 3DS and a 4.5 DS if it helps
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