[Pokemon S/M] Some Important Overworld Other Overworld Model Locations?

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    Mar 22, 2017
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    So I have spent time going through compressed and decompressed Pokemon Moon overworld models located in a/0/9/8. My main goal to locate the overworld NPC models, but have only located two:

    Mrs. Wicke - dec_0054.bin/0054.bin

    Players Mom - dec_0179.bin/0179.bin

    And that's really all that I can really find NPC wise, I kept going through the files until I hit 0296.bin. All files after that file seem to cause an error in Ohana3ds, or are just empty models. Just to ensure this I decompiled the files again in another folder and still had the same results...

    Is there any NPC models I missed? Cause I would like know so...