Need help finding player trainer models in Pokémon Ultra Sun/Moon


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Nov 23, 2020
United States
Trying to remember the process of ripping models. Want to get the models from my trainer and port them to SFM or something. There was a whole sequence to it but I can not remember it for the life of me. I've already extracted the ROMFS and used pk3DS. I followed this path to the models \/
Trainer models + battle animations are in 1/7/4
field animations in 1/7/2
But 1/7/4 is for the NPC trainers (Kukui, Lillie and Ace Trainers for example) and 1/7/2 are files named "dec_0.bin" and "dec_1.bin" and within those are just junk files I'm pretty sure.

I had some luck with one other file path. 1/7/7

The first few files (000-010 i believe?) are hair models for the your male character in the game, the styles you can get in the hair stylist. The rest are files I cannot open in SPICA or Ohana3DS Special Pikachu Edition. I haven't tried Bleeding Edge (What I used in the past) but I've heard SPE is better for Pokémon models.

I feel like an idiot for asking especially since I have done this before, and there should be no reason why I shouldn't be able to do this again. It may be that I'm using the wrong version of Microsoft.NET, but I doubt it.

Thank you for helping. Thank you also for just reading.

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