Please help me "restore" the system software.

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    A few years ago I attempted to modify system files to make this Wii capable of playing a backup of the dual-layer DVD game S.S.B. Melee. I was not successful due to the presence of an outdated modchip, the original Wiinja. However, I modified several system software modules and am wondering if I should now try to restore them to their original state or clean them up somehow.

    I have the backups that I made at the time. I don't remember exactly what I changed, so this may give clues as they will have references to the tools I used.

    In my Wii backups folder, there are three main folders:

    - 4.3 Files
    - BootMii Recovery Files
    - Clean SD

    I also see folders referring to DARKCORP-v1.1 and NeoGamma. I believe I used these tools to modify the version of some system module.

    Is it a good idea, and is there a method, for cleaning up and restoring the system modules to an accepted "optimal" state?

    Also, I would like to now sell this Wii. It is RVL-001. The Wiinja is still installed (professional job). Since the Wiinja is interfering with modern softmodding techniques, would it raise the Wii's value to remove the Wiinja?
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    If the wiinja is causing problems and you can remove it without causing damage to the drive, then i would do so.
    Then you can install the homebrew channel if you dont already have it and then place a program called syscheck in the apps folder of your wii sd card, run syscheck from the homebrew channel, it will check all the system files on your wii and write a syscheck.csv to the root of your sd.
    Then use a program called ModMii on your PC, drag the syscheck.csv onto the ModMii.exe and it will help you to softmod your wii properly and to reinstall everything needed to get it up to scratch.