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    Jan 8, 2016
    My rxTools is not detecting my EmuNAND. Here is what I've successfully done so far:
    1. Downgraded my o3DS XL to 9.2.0-20U
    2. After rxTools and emuNAND failed the first try, I wiped EVERYTHING (SD + 3DS)
    3. Created an EmuNAND using EmuNAND9. My sd was reformatted, shows ~1gb less total space (partition software lists 1.2GB of Unallocated Space), and was renamed to "EMUNAND9SD".
    4. I've dragged all my files back to my newly formatted sd
    5. I've booted into various versions of rxTools via various methods.
    6. RxTools sets up installation.
    And then every single time rxTools tells me that EmuNAND is not found/detected. I've tried many, many times with different versions of rxTool, creating EmuNAND with Gateway instead of EmuNAND9, different microSD, nothing seems to work.

    -I am following the 9.0-9.2 CFW section of this guide: https://gbatemp.net/threads/tutorial-more-or-less-catch-all-tutorial.407080/
    -Confirmed downgrade using downgrade-checker (homebrew also works fine)
    -Not sure if this matters, but my 3DS has no linked NNID as I wiped EVERYTHING to minimize sources that could be causing this issue.
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