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    I bought my wii U last year after the wii eshop closed, so I could't download any WiiWare. The only thing I could do was add WADs, which I did today. I wanted to add the internet channel. I downloaded it and imported it to my sd card. I went to the WAD manager and picked the WAD I wanted. Then I closed the homebrew channel and the internet channel was there. I opened it and then... Nothing. A black screen. I couldn't close my Wii U from the power off button so I suppose it crashed. I tried this many..MANY times, system still crashing. Same thing happened when I made a USB loader WAD so I don't need to open the homebrew launcher and also because I wanted to try making a WAD Wii channel.

    Anyone got any help?
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    May 27, 2019
    If the Internet Channel is not working, it probably means that either the Wad is from the wrong region or that there is something you did wrong when softmodding the vWii. As for the USB Forwarder, you have to make sure that you are specifically making it for the vWii. Wads intended for the Wii, don't work on the vWii unless they are official Nintendo wads (WiiWare, Virtual Console, and channels such as the Internet Channel)
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