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    In the UK - PCWorld is offering 'Up to £100' for your old Laptop to use against buying a new laptop with Windows 7

    I was wondering if anyone actually been there to get their laptop valued - & if so how much were they offered & what was the (old) laptop specs. I've got a very old one lying around somewhere & curious if it was actually worth anything (I think it's a Pentium 3)

    If anyone has done this - can they post here the old laptop specs

    Make: e.g. Samsung
    Model: e.g n110
    Processor: e.g Intel Atom N270
    HDD size: e.g. 160Gb
    Memory installed: e.g. 1Gb
    Operating system: Xp Pro

    (& anything else you can think of) followed by

    PCWorld offered: £??.??
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    Spambot anyone? Reported.

    On topic, PC world taking old laptops? That's interesting - I have a few old laptops that I wouldn't mind trading in for a newer model.
    EDIT: maybe it can help me get an ASUS Transformer Prime when it comes out!