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  1. Dack

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    Aug 26, 2007
    In case anyone is interested I've just released a small app for editing the partition.bin files that Wiiscrubber 1.30/131 uses.

    It allows you to edit tickets and tmds as well as change some of the other interesting bits in there.

    You'll need a copy of the key.bin as well as the Korean key (kkey.bin) for full usage.

    Problems/comments then please post in here.
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    Different save slot you say, might be worth a simple guide to dodge the Zelda whilst still having twilight hack questions.

    Thanks as usual Dack.
  3. Slimmmmmm

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    Nov 1, 2007
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    WOW this is great and solves many issues again.
    Thanks Dack you've released some great things (my fave was the key generator [​IMG] )

    So........ [​IMG]

    People wanting multiple animal crossing (or other) saves... get this.
    Anyone into collecting and making various different guitar hero customs, should get this.
    Anyone that would want to have a game that runs off edited powersaves, or unusual save files... get this.

    Looks superb and that's only editing the ID. What else can be done? (can't test no drive [​IMG] )

    /me goes to read up
  4. Dack

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    Aug 26, 2007
    And a quick "How To" guide [​IMG]

    Remember to enter all required values in HEX

    To change the ticket ID, which will then trickle through to the save game used.

    1. Use Wiiscrubber 1.30 to extract the partition.bin of the data partition of the game. This is because 1.31 has a bug in the extraction and replacement of that file.

    2. Extract boot.bin from the same partition

    3. Load the changer software and load the partition.bin you just extracted. Look at the TitleID for the ticket tab and change the last 8 bytes to the hex value of the characters you want. Select all the text in that field and control-C to copy it. Click on 'Update' and then 'Sign'

    4. Click on the TMD tab, locate the TitleID field and double click on the value contained in it. Control V to paste in the value you used for the ticket. Click on Update and sign.

    5. Save out the Partition.bin from the save button on under the logging window.

    6. Load a Hex editor (I use HexD) and load the boot.bin file. Change the first 4 bytes to be the same as the ASCII you used for the titleID and save it.

    7. Using Wiiscrubber - right click on partition.bin and choose replace, use the partition.bin you just edited.

    8. Using Wiiscrubber - Right click on boot.bin and replace with the one you just edited.

    9. Burn disc.

    To convert from Korean disc to NTSC:
    1. Extract the partition.bin from the Korean ISO

    2. Load the partition.bin into the editor. Click on TRUE in the ticket window, which shows the state of the Korean byte in the ticket. This will change it to FALSE and you will see the decoded titleID change. CLICK ON SIGN. Save the partition.bin out.

    3. Replace the partition.bin in the ISO with the one you just edited.

    It also does the other way of course.

    To change the required IOS version

    1. Extract partition.bin, load into editor, click on TMD tab, change last byte of System Version to required value, click on update, click on sign, save out, replace with WS

    That simple enough [​IMG]
  5. davedeluxe

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    Jan 8, 2009
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    oh, thats great. thanks man...
  6. Adr990

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    Apr 22, 2007
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    This will work for other games too right?

    This is good for people who wants to play a save game hacked game they not want to re copy all the time... (At least... if you have a mod chip)

    Like for Zelda:
    Original -> TP Hack

    Title changed -> Original TP save
    (Can be else where also. [​IMG] )
  7. franzipol

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    Jan 16, 2009
    I have a problem... as soon I replace the boot.bin file, using wiiscrubber 1.30, the fst.bin becomes no longer valid and the results is that the iso is no longer valid. I tried many times in different ways and orders, also using wiiscrubber 1.31, but the results it's always the same also replacing the boot.bin with the same unmodified one :-(

    I solved the problem and it was because i wasn't using the game code rules (first modified byte: R ; fourth modified byte: region code). So the disc doesn't result corrupted anymore. Now everything is ok for Wiiscrubber. The problem now is that the game does not start at all. I gave a look at the verbose mode of softchip and the game is recognized but it hangs at this point

    Reading payload.
    Retrieving function pointers from apploader.
  8. RomMon

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    Jul 21, 2007

    Thanks for this editor. Still have to understand the full potential of this app.

    I'm trying to change the IOS version of GHWT.
    For this I have to use wiiscrubber 1.31 because of the force option, but I think I'm running into the bug you describe in step 1 of "To change the ticket ID....".
    I can extract the partition.bin, but when I try to replace it doesn't open a window to select the file.

    Is there any way arround this?
  9. kenh

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    Apr 15, 2009
    Thanks Dack for this great app! Followed your tutorial and it works perfect! [​IMG]

    Keep the great work up!
  10. Alexrose

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    Jan 20, 2009
  11. Gamemaster1379

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    United States
    TheGHOST (Guitar Hero Open Source Tool) already offers a workaround for this, as you can change the ID of the game itself when editing the ISO. So I could have my retail GHIII be RGHE52 and my cusotom disc as RGHE53
  12. Wiimm

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    Aug 11, 2009
    I have done all above. Mario Kart and Animal Crossing works fine. But Nintendos servers didn't allow an online connection.

    The solution: Leave the old ID in the ISO header (first 6 bytes of image) untouched or rename it to the original ID.

    If you want to have the original and the clone together in a WBFS then rename the ID only in the WBFS inode. The newest version of WWT can rename the ID in the WBFS inode and/or in then ISO header. I don't know what other WBFS managers do.
  13. justmike

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    Sep 15, 2008
    Yep, this works great. I used this to change the ID of my GH games to have different saves.

    And TheGHOST didn't change my ID, if you don't have your work file you can't do anything. Already tried. This is the best choice.

    Also, just make sure you don't remove the Update in Wiiscrubber, otherwise (only tried in GH games) it won't work.
  14. NWwind

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    Feb 22, 2018
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    Any way to use this to change the last 2 digit of the ID? (Like "01" in "SMNE01") Someone help me please?