Hacking Homebrew Panasonic DVD Region Unlock Codes fo ir shell


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Aug 7, 2007
Isle Of Wight
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This is a psp irshell remote code to unlock the region on a Panasonic DVD player.
I have use one of the codes to unlock the region of my Panasonic dvd-s75.

As you may know for some time chipped remotes are available for many
Panasonic DVD players to make them region free. The codes these remotes
Send are a good kept secret. However now that the firmware is dissembled these codes where found.

The codes cannot damage or lock your player. The only thing that can happen that your player
Displays an error like FT02, than just press cancel to re-initialise your player.

These codes should word for the following models and maybe more.

- Panasonic S52, S49 and S295
- Panasonic HT335, HT535, HT845, HT885W and HT885
- Panasonic S75

Sending the IR code with an PSP

You need a PSP that can run homebrew.

1. Download and install IR Shell.
2. Download this rar file and extract it to the root of your PSP memory card.
3. Start up Irshell from the xmb.
4. Go to ir Remote and select "User Supplied Codes/"
5. Locate and open The File "Panasonic DVD region unlocker"
6. Their are 8 unlocker codes you should start with 1st and if it works your DVD will reset. Then try a different region DVD.
7. If your DVD player does not do anything or does not play a diffent region DVD then try unlocker 1 - 8 until one works.

Good Luck

I, Tomqman converted these codes I did not originally make them but have made it possible to load
On your psp through irshell....

Download here (sendspace)
GbaTemp Download

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