P3GO GT-Break Special matched core for open source

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    Finally,the G Team has released their Source Code.

    Below is the latest info of this updating

    After you update the “20101118-update.rar” firmware, then you do not need use TF mode to make update. When you want to update, you only need to save the “update.bin” into the built-in U disk of P3GO.

    Update 22:26 2010-11-18

    sorry, we made a mistake. there are some problems in “20101116-update-.rar”, some users can not update from nand (TF is normal). If you have met this problem, please download “20101118-update.rar” to restore. After update, all the functions and update methods are the same as before, we suggest all customers update to this version.
    ?Since this version, the firmware version NO. will be showed on the “USB Device”, for example, “P3GO USBDISK VO8”, the “08” is version NO.
    ?“20101118-update-dev.rar” is the matched update files for the open-p3go, the normal users do need to download
    1.The maximum free memory space for the program is up to 5M Byte, if needs, it still can be expanded which can make you do not subject to the limitation of the memory.
    2.More than 15M Byte SLC Nand Flash memory space for your usage, and it still can be expanded.
    3.Reach up to 500M RISC CPU with SIMD
    4 USB2.0 High Speed
    5.Support MMC/SD read-write

    Here is the news at GAMEBOX
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    The two downloads they link are precompiled, not the source.