(oyi Yet another) What to get (that works on 3DS.)

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    well considering i chose poorly w/ the R4iSDHC, not to mention that it got ruined in the rain (arse hole mailman left it sitting out in the down poring rain, the bubble mailer envelope was opened so inside the lil box and card got Soaked even after letting it dry off for almost 9 hours, it boots but refuses to recognize any MicroSD's~!)

    i understand now adays the DSTwo is rare as Fuuuuck. and apparently the R4 team is known to not update cards easily w/o giving a finger if you dont buy a new model. (or atleast i've been told by others in my last topic about the R4iSDHC) and going to try and see if the guys over @ Peach3DS will refund my costs. (i dont want to be stuck w/ a dead card and be totally out on $$.)

    so, Which does any recommend that supports atleast DSi 1.4.4 (my DSi stays on 1.4.4 to support the ancient AK2i) / 3DSXL's on 9.7.0+ ? the what to get seems Necro'd and i have no idea what's good that's reliable/ has been receiving updates.
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    R4i Gold 3DS RTS and make sure that it's from r4ids.cn (or r4idsn.com). It has a good OS, had very good support etc.