Overclocked console emultation?

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May 27, 2016
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So today i found this video on youtube that shows top gear 2 being played on megadrive (Genesis in the USA) What is special about this is the descrption

Demonstration of the Top Gear 2 with added ability to play CDDA music using SEGA CD's Mode 1 ability. Running on RetroArch with overclocked Genesis Plus GX core. Made by Ti_

According to the description, the setup, is a Modified Genesis plus gx core "Made by TI_" That has Mode 1 Ability, This is something i seen before in one sonic hack called sonic 1 mode 1. It is a rom hack that plays music loaded by the sega cd for obvious reasons. CD quality music on the genesis compared to the PSG chip. Much like the some of the snes MSU-1 rom hacks that do much of the same thing, make a game cart play higher quality music. Pier solar & the great architechs is a late unlicensed game for sega genesis released December 2010 that uses the same function. The game when bought comes with a "Enhance" Audio CD for use with the game, you Set it up by playing the genesis game with the sega cd prepared and using the audio disc. Basically you can do that with games that is hack to support it. Some emulators can do it, like kega fusion and the Genesis plus gx for wii and GC.

The important thing that made me post this is that the title says is a overclocked emulator. The video shows the game running at 60FPS If you ever played top gear, you know it does not run well on either SNES or GENESIS, or even hard drivin' on the genesis with is near 5FPS. So i was curious about this.

  1. How do i get this? It says is a genesis core for retroarch but i have looked and found it no where.:ph34r:
  2. Could there be more emultaors that do the same thing like SNES with the star fox game fixing framerate?:unsure:
  3. Is it possible to actually overclock real consoles? With the current day and age of things, i hope so, i like to see one.:rolleyes:
  4. What are your thoughts and opinions?:)
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