"Official SNES VC" Incompatibility Thread

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    May 18, 2017
    Ever since SNES injection entered the realm of possibilities on 3DS, it actually became the preferred method of playing SNES games on 3DS above all else.
    Thanks to GBATemp user Asdolo SNES injection became super easy, of course. Look here

    This thread is to document those games that WON'T work well or at all with the official VC, and provide the best alternative method of emulating the game otherwise. This will almost always be possible by emulating through Retroarch, either use your own method or again rely on Asdolo's outstanding work.

    Normally not a fan of reverse lists, but because most ROMs people are interested in DO work, this list should actually be relatively small in completion.

    This list is far from complete, so if you have any important additions of incompatibility or suggestions for emulations, please post them! Will update the first post with it.

    Incompatible because of unsupported chip;

    The official VC supports some of the special chips because of the officially released games, like the CX4 (for Mega Man X2&3) and the S-DD1 (for Street Fighter Alpha 2).
    Haven't tested any of the other chips yet, but will in the near future. Additional information welcome of course.

    - Kirby's Dreamland. => Use RetroArch CatSFC instead
    - Kirby Superstar. => Use RetroArch CatSFC instead
    - Super Bomberman Panic Bomber World. => Use RetroArch CatSFC instead
    - Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. => Use RetroArch CatSFC instead

    - Doom.
    - Super Mario World 2 => Use PocketSNES.
    - StarFox / StarWing.

    Incompatible because of other reasons;

    - Clocktower: patched with translation. ROM won't inject properly either because of size or through some random error. => Use RetroArch CatSFC instead
    - Secret of Mana. Menu graphics won't work properly. => Use RetroArch CatSFC instead
    - Spiderman & the X-men. Spidersense will throw the game in a graphical glitchfest. => Use RetroArch CatSFC instead

    Unplayable because of extra region checks;

    Some ROMs work correctly, but stop you at a secondary region check as the official SNES VC by Nintendo actually emulates a USA version. Note that a lot of games do not have this secondary check at all. It is definitely possible to work around it with ROM hacking, but I haven't found a good noob tutorial for it yet, so if that is not your thing, look for the alternatives. It poses a major problem for games that were released only in the EU.

    - Donkey Kong Country
    (PAL) => Use USA version
    - Donkey Kong Country 2 (PAL) => Use USA version
    - Donkey Kong Country 3 (PAL) => Use USA version
    - Super Mario Allstars (PAL) => Use USA version
    - Super Mario Allstars & Super Mario World (PAL) => Use USA version
    - Terranigma => Use RetroArch CatSFC instead (this game has no release in the USA).
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