Odd issue with my Wii Backups

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    Sorry in advance, this is probably going to be a long one.

    So around 10 years ago I softmodded my own Wii and used it normally for some years before packing it away for safe keeping.

    Last week this missis suggested that our daughter have my Wii in her room, I explained that I didn't want to give her my Wii as it still had a lot of homebrew installed, I couldn't remember what it all did or how to remove it so we decided to get her a used Wii and that I would softmod it for her then she could use my backup drive with all my games on it.

    So yesterday afternoon I used the AMAZING ModMii to softmod her Wii (I wish that app existed when I modded my own Wii), all went perfectly and within the hour her Wii was softmodded.

    The issues started when I plugged my backup drive in to her Wii. It's a 120Gb USB HDD, it was working PERFECTLY when I packed it away and it has around 12 games on it. The drive is FAT32 formatted and all the backups were transferred using Wii Backup Manager so they're all in the WBFS folder and stored in .WBFS format.

    Every single one of these games has stopped working, when launched through USBLoaderGX they all give a "WBFS ERROR: BAD MAGIC" error message. At first I thought maybe the drive was dying so I plugged it into my PC and copied NSMB onto a flash drive, tried the FD and got the exact same error. Next I pulled my old Wii out and swapped consoles, tried the HDD, same result, FD, same result.

    Next I created a new backup of NSMB from an ISO using Wii Backup Manager onto the FD, tried it in both Wiis and both booted it perfectly.

    So finally I plugged the HDD into my PC and tried to import the games from it into Wii Backup Manager, it refused to touch the files at all.

    I'm resigned to the fact I've got to redump these games, that's not really an issue for me but does anybody have an explanation why 12 files on a hard drive have mysteriously all corrupted themselves while sitting in a box in the bottom of a cupboard? I've heard WBFS formatted drives are prone to corruption over time but WBFS files sitting on a FAT32 drive that's not even being used? Really?

    Thanks for reading.
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    i recommend you to using NTFS
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    Perhaps the drive itself is slowly failing? Try some performance tests on your PC. Perhaps also try a different wire, maybe the wire got damaged in storage? If the drive isn't getting enough power it may explain odd behaviour.

    Out of curiosity, try reformatting the HDD as fat32 again and re-rip a game to it and see if it works.

    Lastly, thanks for giving props to "the AMAZING ModMii", respect
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    Useless recommendation.
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    Please don't do this.

    It looks like a dying drive, I'd suggest getting a new one.