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Aug 22, 2004
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Costerro said:
We used to have one "box" for each type of articles: 1) latest discussions, 2) member submitted news, 3) blog articles, and I even wanted to have a 4th one for blog comments.
Well... 3 boxes was too many already so shaun had the idea to have these sort of tabs to switch between the different types of topics.

oboy now these are all broken on the classic skin so you can only view latest discussions, basically voiding all new features for everyone that doesnt use the annoying glowy v3 skin.

crach bandicoot was awesome for the first 3 games

i was looking around the other day and i think either my vision is going bad or hdtv is actually clearer than real life. there is seriously more detail in a small box than on my entire street. amazin....

my speakers dont work with my computer and havent for nearly a year but they are still on my desk because they complete the look. like no sound comes out of either of them because apparantly the HP on the case does not stand for Hearing Power. also only half of my headphones broke. i am going to sell them through both a time machine and ebay and give them to da vinci.

i like how the forms of media that are smaller and harder to make also seem to be for smarter people. its like a ladder. print > music > tv > movies. everyone will just wait for the movie tho. people are weird.

dirtie made a blog post. im gonna go read it ok. take care of yourself people youre doing alright.

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