O3DS XL stuck in System transfer loop

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    I am using an O3DS XL with emuNand 9.8 and I did a system transfer from my O3DS sysNand. After the transfer completed on the O3DS I transferred the contents of the original SD card to the emuNand SD card but I am stuck in an endless loop. The target 3DS told me to put the source SD card in.

    When I enter emuNand the System Transfer is supposed to finish but when it connects to the internet I get error 028-3220 and the system reboots. This happens every time I enter emuNand. Am I screwed or is there a way (whatever it is) to fix it?

    I tried turning the Wifi off and on while on sysNand but it doesn't help.

    The sysNand is on 9.0.0-20U.

    I am left with data in limbo as well as my NNID.

    I do have an emuNand backup from before the transfer and after the system first reset (where I am now).

    I can use rxTools to decrypt and extract the FAT16 nand partition so I can edit it and then put it back.

    Why do I keep getting this error and the error code on Nintendo's support site makes no sense as it can connect to a hotspot.

    Any ideas on what the 3DS is trying to do so I can help it finish manually or bypass the issue.

    EDIT: Ignore my post as the problem went away. Not sure if it was caused by using unlinked sysNand and emuNands.
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