o3DS with Luma3ds, settings says 11.1.9-34E; flashcarts ?

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    Sorry for probably asking a redundant question, but all I'm looking for is someone shedding some light on this. The 3DS is on a9lh Luma3DS sys.ver. 11.1.9-34E and since it's a CFW and i can do all my 3ds games from the SD the only .nds booting carts I'm really interested in are the DSTWO+ (since one day I might need a .3ds loading device, it's really nice with all it's features since I had the original DSTWO) and the old Acekard 2i (for nostalgic reasons, might get a few of them for my other DS's too). The DSTWO+ is sort of 4 times the price of the AK2i and the priority is simply booting nds games for now.

    Thanks in advance :D