NTR Debugger Client Error

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    Aug 21, 2016
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    The title kinda explains it. Basically I wanted to play DBF with cheats from NTR. The "plugin" folder method was not working for me for some unknown reason so I decided to try to use the client w/ gateshark support instead. The cheats work except every time I try to save, it says the save file is corrupted and formats the save area. No clue what im doing wrong, can someone help me?

    This is what im using:
    • 1.7-1 NTR Debugger Client
    • o3ds
    • EmuNAND 11.0
    • NTRSelector
    • CIA/Digital Version of Dragon Ball Fusions (USA)
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    Jun 23, 2016
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    Having this same issue myself on firmware 11.2. A similar thing happens with Triforce Heroes, too. When you connect the debugger, it corrupts saves you make (or at least reads as the 'save area' as corrupt when trying to save)/in some cases makes previous saves you try to load read as if corrupted.

    For your plugin folder issue, make sure you have the right title ID (and note that its probably a 1.0 cheat plugin, so you need to use the menu that comes up with X+Y be default, not select like 2.0 plugins)