[not64] A hope for Banjo-Tooie ?

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  1. Cortexfou

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    Apr 14, 2016
    EDIT : Strangely, I used an old version of not64 and the (U) patched rom worked. I update my not64 homebrew and now I have a black screen when the rom start. So, I think the solution is not in this patch

    Here is the context : If you play Banjo-tooie (U) with not64, you can't play the game for a 100% run. First, the game freeze randomly and the farther you are in the game, the more freezes often appear because of the imperfect CIC-6105 chip emulation. Also, the game crashes when you learn the "Pack Whack" move from Jamjar at the 3rd Level Witchy World. And there is no way to evade that problem. The game have a lot of slow down too. But, with the european version, you can technically play for 100%, this jamjar glitch in not there and the game is more fluid but the random freeze are still there.

    Here is my request : I found a patch for the NTSC version to kill the freezes but the jamjar glitch is still there. So, I want to use this patch on the PAL version to play the game on not64 but it corupt the PAL rom. So, is it possible to make this patch working on the PAL one ?
    here is the patch
    Maybe if we change the values in the APS to make it right with the PAL version ?
    Left is the patch, right is the PAL rom. When it's green, the values are the same and when it's red...
    If someone can help me, it's gonna be great !
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    This would be amazing. Hoping for the best!
  3. driverdis

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    With the anti-piracy removal patch to allow Tooie to run on the Everdrive64 (needs expansion pack) applied, wouldn't that fix the CIC emulation related crashes.
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  4. Cortexfou

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    Apr 14, 2016
    Really ? When I try to play the game for 2 hours I got no freezes. It was luck ?
    So, is someone have a patch to remove the CIC thing on PAL ?
  5. KiiWii

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    You should ask Saturnu over at krikzz everdrive64 forums or even perhaps @LuigiBlood for advice?
  6. LuigiBlood

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    Jun 23, 2009
    I cannot help. I may do 64DD stuff but I'm not a N64 expert.