(Noob) - Any SNES emualtion on DS compatibility list?

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    Anyone know where I can find a full extensive list of games that will work with for SNES emualtors on the DS? I am looking for some games in particular that I have not seen mentioned on other small lists.

    The games i want to know about most are
    -Ken Griffey Jr. presents Majore League Baseball
    -TMNT 4: Turtles in Time
    -1 or all 3 of Tecmo Super Bowl games

    Thanks to anyone who can let me know about this.

    Also how much better does the PSP play SNES games then the DS? Is it worth it for me to go out and by a PSP as well just to play SNES games on the go?
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    From what I understand, the PSP has a better compatability rate, but still has problems with the games with special chipsets (ex: Mario RPG, Starfox, etc) Kinda odd, seeing as how the PSP has full compatability with CPS1 and 2 (which were from the arcade).... [​IMG]
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    I know for a fact that Turtles In Time works pretty well on the DS.

    I stopped really caring about emulating SNES on the DS after I got a PSP. Having to manually figure out the right "background" options for most games became such a hassle, that it wasn't worth the trouble. PSP, and the latest version of SNES 9X TYL (rukia's version) can emulate games very nicely. Most games work really well, and only a select few really any problems.
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    you are talking about a handful of games, why not just test them yourself?

    -another world
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