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Discussion in 'NDS - ROM Hacking and Translations' started by takieda, Oct 9, 2008.

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  1. takieda

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    Don't get your hopes up just yet. I'm just getting my feet wet with this, and who knows how far along I'll be able to get. Unfortunately, I don't know any Japanese, but as I've obsessed over the original NES game, and subsequent Genesis and SNES games, I'm hoping for at least some level of similarity to make my task easier. That, an English major, and several Japanese to English translators are my current tools for this, hopefully less than monumental task.

    This post is both to let people know that someone is actually attempting this, as well as to ask for any assistance anyone is willing to render - even if it's just advice. As it stands, I'm presently staring at several .NB8 files from the first Nobunaga no Yabou DS game, and have opened them in a number of different programs, with the only real help coming from JWPce (which didn't see these files as default Japanese Text Files). After opening the Message.NB8 I was greeted with a rather large amount of random gibberish text, as well as what appeared to be a lot of Katakana and Kanji. Having thrown as many symbols as I can over the past hour through the translators with little success (my only success so far is to translate 3 Kanji symbols into english transliteration so I can at least pronounce them).

    Anyone with any insight on this, desire to help, or words of encouragement, is encouraged to post a reply here. I'd like to think I'm not doing all this in vain.


    P.S. There are 24 .nb8 files, most of which have nearly no Japanese lettering or symbols within them (all of which are 124kb or smaller), and there is a romfile.bin file which takes up most of the size of the entire rom (44,566KB). I'm beginning to wonder if the texts might be in there, and if so, how to rip this file apart as well.
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    Have you done anything with this yet? I'm playing the 2nd game now. A menu translation would be helpful.
  3. TwinRetro

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    From 2008? Really?
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