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    Jan 2, 2020
    United States
    Hi guys. I'm kind of an idiot who has never had any portable game device at all, but I bought a 2ds recently and.. yeah.

    I've followed the 3ds.hacks.guide instructions and it all seemed to be going perfectly well til I was to do the 'preparations' part... Making folders for cias, 3ds folder, downloading the appropriate things and placing them in their folders. I did all these things (and have double checked it now).

    I got as far as pulling up Rosalina and picking the selection I was told to pick, but after that, I'm running into an issue. I can't pull up anything by pressing select when the console boots, I can't access homebrew launcher by doing game downloads or whatever that selection is called - it remains what it was before I told rosalina to do the change. Also that option is now gone from rosalina menu.

    I tried running system updates and it's updated. I can take screenshots of whatever... don't care if someone calls me a noob or treats me like a moron as long as somebody can help me out. It's been a long time since I had the leisure to play games and stuff due to my work life taking over my entire life and I know I don't exactly know what I'm doing with stuff anymore.

    Anyway, if someone could please advise, that would be fantastic. I finally had some quiet time to get this done and I dunno what's going on now. I searched some prior threads and saw someone say bootstrap might not have been installed correctly if something like this happens? but according to the guide, I thought it had. Followed the japanese menu correctly, switched files back out after etc...

    If i'm remembering this all right. Anyway yeah. HELP
    ? :(
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