Nintendo's secret tribute to Satoru Iwata hidden in Switch firmware

Members of the Switch Developer community have recently discovered a hidden Easter egg in the Nintendo Switch firmware known as "flog" (golf backwards). Present in all versions, if the current date is July 11th (Iwata's death-day) and you detach both joycons and make his "direct" gesture, it will launch the NES title Golf (with a little voice clip of Iwata speaking), which is playable by 2 people using the joycons.


It must be noted that you cannot manually set the time to July 11th if your Switch has been connected to WiFi at ANY point, as the Easter egg goes by the network time, which does not relate to the system time as configurable by users. You may override this timestamp with homebrew/hacks, and has been proven to work consistently, but anyone on a newer firmware will not have access to this until they go public or wait until next year.

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Nov 19, 2011
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I can't get this to work myself. I have a 2.3 Switch that has never connected to WiFi or played any games and I cannot get this to run. Unless there is a button or something, or I'm on the wrong screen/doing the motion wrong... I did make sure the date was set to 7/11/17

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