Nintendont not saving settings?

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  1. Phex

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    Mar 20, 2017
    Im a complete beginner at this, and I have literally looked everywhere for a fix!
    just to clarify, I want to play gamecube games.

    my nintendont will not save any settings, and all I want is for memory card emulation to be enabled automatically, I've tried looking for a CFG file to edit and I cant find one.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, and hopefully some of you know how to easily fix this.

    *extra info*
    I have tried installing USB loader gx, Mios Dios and Devolution (I have followed many guides on installing these) but none of those seem to load my gamecube ISOs, I at one point got them to display, but everytime I played it it would reset back to menu. (I have tried changing regions and display rate.)
    Not too sure whats going on but nintendont seems to be the only one that works. I am genuinely baffled so any help would be appreciated!

    sorry for messy thread, Im not exactly good at this.

    I do not need any help, I have fixed my problem, I have been at this for 4 days straight and this was my final resort, hilariously enough I fixed it hours after posting this

    I dont know how to delete/remove threads, so if any mods can do so please do.
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  2. Darcy

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    Mar 25, 2017
    Man I'm having the same issues. How did u end up getting nintendont to read your games?

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    I've formatted and reformatted my hard drive. The nintendont loads up(the others don't) but still wont read my games.