Nintendo still on the offensive.

Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by GeekyGuy, Oct 22, 2007.

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    Supreme/Divineo is the manufacturing/distributing heart of a lot of products. CycloDS, CycloWiz, WiiD, Undiluted Platinum, DMS, Viper/Cobra, and numerous others. The fact that they mention Max by name (owner of Supreme Factory and Divineo) and Lik-Sing in the same press release is not a good sign. Things are definitely getting scary for those involved in the modchip, flashcart, etc. business.
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    ...Lik Sang and Bung Enterprises...

    same thing happened a few years ago
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    Imo, too little too late.. a company really needs to jump on things if they want to dismantle piracy. What about the bootleg carts being sold in china? you can get a bootleg slot-1 burned eeprom game over there these days. they take out all the flash carts and there's still those. I think there's going to be too many places to look, the chinese aren't dumb anyone involved in piracy has ways around 'the man'. Look how they do things in other countries with PC software.. running people to burners and back on the roofs of buildings to hand packages down then run away. It's crazy out there lol.

    Anyhow thinking back on things and seeing how things go.. if they kill off too much piracy, they'll start to jack up prices of video games a lot. Remember NES days? Piracy was so minor at those times that EVERY game cost $49.99 and UP and this was when the US dollar was worth a lot more than it is now! But there's nothing we can do, what's illegal is illegal...

    However look at how the economy is going.. Oil prices are sky high to the point now where there's people making their own biodiesel in their back yard and running their vehicles off it! I have friends now who hate public transportation and they take the bus now even though it costs the SAME as driving a car to work, they just want to kill off some of the oil company's greed. If we all could pirate oil we would [​IMG]
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    Its the R4's fault! hahaha

    back in slot-2 days m3/supercard/ez4 we didn't hear this, it was cause DS scene was more underground

    R4 had to get dumb ignorant ppl involved.
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    I would like to see you back up your claim. NOW.
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    bye bye cyclods [​IMG]
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    I think for me this news is especially compelling because it's the first time we've seen Nintendo able to take a stab at flash cards. With their initiation of the recent FBI raids here in the States, they were only able to attack modchips, because our Supreme Court has made it clear that it is legal to make a "reasonable number" of copies of your legally own media (again, just to be clear, only from the hardcopies -- not from downloads, which is still very much illegal).

    I'm guessing the politics in China allows for Nintendo to strike where they couldn't before, and probably at the heart of their real concern. I doubt modchips are as prevalent as flashcards, because modchips aren't as practical to use for most folks. The DS is also the bigger system with a much, much bigger library of games, therefore there's more to lose when it comes to creative works.

    Huge hit to the community, I think. But as mentioned in a previous post, knock one down and three more are likely to take its place.
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    At least they were directly involved with DS-X, as Supreme and Divineo were the only stores where it could be obtained for quite some time, AFAIK.
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    They call that exclusivity (and a more known term but with many more illegal connotations is "front company"). It is one of the perks of having contacts, in my opinion they are directly involved in bringing a lot of their products to market by putting product designers in touch with manufacturers for the small price of first dibs on worldwide distribution. For all intents, anyone who wanted to resell DSX could get quantities from Supreme (though I'm not sure you'd be in your right mind to do so) and still not ever be dealing directly with the manufacturer or creators.
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