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    Sep 29, 2010
    Do we still have enough people here for this stuff?

    Anyway, finally had time to finish the series in one sweep after I had a fight with someone.
    It's okayish, but I still didn't like it very much, probably because it's not what I expected it to be. Mechas and stuff. But if I look at what it actually is, it's really good.
    Maybe just some parts, especially the original 25 and 26, didn't have consistency in the way the story is told. Good thing they made the End of Evangelion.

    I just find Shinji ending up with Asuka unsatisfying. Why, because aside from her being the only female eva pilot besides rei, which is not really human, and they didn't choose Misato since they put her as a replacement for Shinji's mother, there's really little buildup for the two. Though maybe it's also part of their scenario which doesn't include the fated love since Shinji's heart is closed to anyone.

    P.S. Blogs, where art thou?