NFC exploits?

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    Let me start by saying that I am not a hacker, nor a rocket scientist, but this is something I would like to see discussed.

    When our country introduced chipcards (NFC) for public transport, they were hacked a few days/weeks after. Apparently the encryption is so poor it can be dumped within an hour. Even smartphones can read and rewrite them (granted they have NFC of course).

    That's what got me thinking about the Wii U's NFC chip. Again, I am no hacker nor a cum-biologist, but how about we abuse that chip? Can we even abuse it? My take on this was to use a game which supports NFC (aka spyro), copy and alter the spyro chip (which you can send then out through your phone or any other NFC medium) to let it run unsigned code or let-it-do-what-U-want-thingy on the Wii U. Maybe a reference to the SD-card or HDD to a program which it can execute?

    Again, I am not a hacker nor a shoe-salesman, and I am not even sure if you can even send that kind of data over NFC, but would it be worth something?
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    Interesting idea, but right now no games use the built in reader. Skylanders uses the same portal the Wii version does.
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    This is like saying "well the 360 has ethernet and ethernet isn't encrypted, so maybe there's some ethernet exploit!"

    Anything along the lines of "hey there's some communication method, let's shove a hack into it" doesn't mean anything.
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    IIRC NFC doesn't come with encryption, but it is up to the person who uses the technology to create their own kind of data protocol and encryption scheme.
    If I'm right, Nintendo could have made a better encryption scheme then these people who got hacked really easily.

    Though I could be wrong.
  5. Supercool330

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    Even if we could break the encryption (and this is a big if as I assume Nintendo is using a non-crappy encryption schema), it likely wouldn't provide an exploit. If there was an exploit, we would still need the Wii U common key and a decrypted dump of an exploitable game that uses NFC to find it. Basically, we can look at NFC as just another method of data input, and it is harder to exploit than others (such as save data) as it has an extra layer (or several depending on how NFC data is sent from the pad to the console) of security.
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    How about "the Wii U has a touch screen, let's try and hack it by touching the right combination of pixels in a specific order to boot homebrew code from the SD card"?

    This is exactly why the 3DS hacking section has its craptacularawesome theories thread stickied.