New 3DS XL blue light turns on and off

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    I updated Luma3DS yesterday and the 3ds seemed to be working fine. A few hours ago the 3DS gave an error when I tried to boot up a game, shut down, and when I tried to turn it back on, the blue light turned on for a second and then it turned off. I tried turning on the 3DS without the SD Card and it was able to turn on.

    How can I fix this?
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    Get a new SD card - sounds like the old one corrupted. It can turn on without the SD card because you followed the finalising setup steps that put boot.firm on your CTR-NAND so the console can access it when there's no SD card.

    Before you do anything else though, assuming games still work if you boot it up with no card then put it in after it turns on - you should get JKSM or Checkpoint and back up all of your saves and copy them yo a computer, since your games and saves are in danger of corrupting too.
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    Check ur SD with the H2testw app on PC,this app'll search for corrupted bytes on ur SD. Try to clean up ur SD card,the SD adapter and the SD slot on ur 3ds(If it isn't the New 3ds) with a cotton swab to clean any dust that might cause this issue with the 3ds,cuz normally some dust can make the 3ds fail to read the files,and with the CFW installed,it won't boot if this happen
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