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    I was going to tack this on another netflix reply about the channel, but I'm curious what other people wish for future updates. Searching was a clear desire and I'm glad the added it!

    Here's my wishlist for future updates (in order of most desired to least):

    - Continuous playing of the instant queue (aka hulu style, so I don't have to do anything to play the next episode or movie)
    - Multiple queues - as my gf and i like different movies/tv shows it'd be nice if we could have 2 queue or some # of custom queues (though i doubt this will happen as they
    would prefer that gf/wife/kids get their own accounts...)
    - Ability to say "never recommend this" on suggestions... I get the same suggestions over and over, some of movies i've seen and already rated, others of movies i'm not
    interested in... I'd still like to be able to search for them, but I'm tired of the same suggestions over and over (even ones that are already rated!)...
    - Drag and play instantly of the progress bar - rather than going into that scene selection that takes time to load - make that another button or option.
    - Show more than 2 pages of search suggestions
    - Dragable sorting of queue on the Wii

    That's my short list and probably others as I use it more and more... It's a great app, but I hope they don't just stop dev on it like they did the Internet channel.

    What would you like?
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    I agree with the "never recommend this" idea, along with the autoplay option. One caveat though for the autoplay, it should have a small countdown till the next title is played so you can cancel before it begins if you dont want to keep going (as a side note I wish wiimc would do this too).

    As for the internet channel, It would really rock if adobe was not such a tightwad with giving dev tools so they could get a new version of flash on it.