neogamma and Dual layer disks

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by CJL18, Aug 26, 2010.

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    i looked around and couldnt find a answer anyways i have metroid other m and i want to put it on a dual layer disk and play it using neogamma. i never tried super smash bros brawl so i dont know if it will read dual layers or not. I'm on my last dual layer so i dont wanna burn it find out it doesnt load and waste a disk, and before you ask about loding on usb loader all my harddrives are full rigth now and i cant format anyone of them have alot of important stuff on them.
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    The most wii drives can read dual layer DVD drives, so give it a try.
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    You might need to set the layerbreak at the same point where you need to do it for SSBB. Other than that, if it's DVD+R, don't forget the bitsetting. About burn speed, i don't know, didn't burn too many DVD DL. But i think drives have generally more problems reading them, because they don't relect the laser as good as SL discs do, so the speed is even more important.

    And you can try to create a DVD5 version be replacing all videos in the game with the smallest video in the game.