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    ok so i have a 64GB SDXC micro sd that I want to switch over to hosting all my games as .CIA files which Im in the process of redownloading all the roms.

    Heres the thing
    I have a 4GB Sdhc card that acted as the sd that was plugged into my 3DS to hold saves and to hold the launcherdat file along with emunand.

    So I thought i would copy all the contents from my 4GB to my 64GB however the 3DS wont read my 64GB sd card with the contents of loading gatewaymode,

    The other thing is I have my SSB4 which I bought from eshop on my 4GB

    so question is why wont it read?
    Do i have to wipe both SD cards and dump 4.5 again and set up as a new emunand on the 64GB?
    Will this affect me redownloading SSB4 since my account is connected to the emunand which doesnt that have like unique certs and if i set up a new emunand will my account think its a new 3DS that I wont be able to redownload SSB4?
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    You have to format the emunand on the 64GB card and then extract your old emunand from the 4GB card and inject it into the 64GB one, using emunand tool