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    Let you know I am at my friend'house if you notice ip address different.

    I need help with my regular 3DS. My friend have 2DS. I want one of his game transfer to my 3DS. But my 3DS won't let me for receive from 3DS.

    It said "You can't transfer to a system that is already linked to a Nintendo Network ID. To proceed, first format the system memory of the target system via System Settings to remove the ID link."

    I don't think I can understand this meaning, but I am doing guessing. It mean I have to format my 3ds system? Everything I have save data and download game I have will be gone for good? And I have to redownload the game that I paid for? What can I do with this? I don't want format my game system. I need help here, please.
  2. sethirion

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    Nov 16, 2008
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    I have done a transfer but as Nintendo has noted in his support you cannot transfer to a non-virgin system.
    You need to have as a destiny system a fresh or at least not linked with a Nintendo Network ID. Once you transfer the data the source data will replace everything on the destination system.
    Also, you cannot transfer a single game to another system if that is what you wanted to do.
    Hope this helps.
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