need help with Plailect guide

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    so Im switching from gateway 4.5 emunand 11.0 over to a9lh and lumacfw, however im at i did the mset exploit since im on 4.5 and was able to install decryp9wip, i cant do a backup to my sd card of my nand/emunand i have 4.5 GB free on my SD card and they are relatively 1GB a piece. It keeps error out, anyone know a fix?

    Also trying to read the guide im trying to figure out when I do a backup of my gateway emunand inorder to restore later after I have finished.

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    Backup your sd card on your computer, reformat it to an allocation unit of 32kb and make sure its MBR and not GPT

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    As for backups, only do them when its asked to in the guide or else youll just do them for nothing and waste time.
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