Need help with 2DS hardmod!

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    so I screwed up and accidentally injected secureinfo (of a different region) into Sysnand rather than emunand,

    And my 2DS won't boot.

    The blue light appears, but screen remains dark.

    Attempting to enter recovery mode turns the wifi light on, but same trouble: screen shows nothing.

    So I need help With a hardmod to inject in my backed up nand, and I'll pay for the service.

    Preferably in Singapore, but I'll ship it if I have to.
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    I sent you a private message
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    Jan 11, 2015
    I haven't seen any tempers from SG lately, there's supposed to be a thread that tracks down legit hard modders per area, but afaik there's none in SG.

    you can try your luck for the tech guys at little India, I think i've seen people doing some Apple Jailbreak stuff, maybe they can help your with the Hardmod? (instruct and show them how it is done, they have the skills to do it, also that big IT mall in the south I think)

    I'd do it for your For free, but to Ship from SG to PH? I'm afraid the freight charges are gonna be unfair vs the cost of your 2DS.
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