Need help reading the contents of my SD card

Discussion in '3DS - Games & Content' started by Doickls, Jul 25, 2016.

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    Jul 25, 2016
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    So, long story short, my ds broke, lost my Monster Hunter Generations save data, from what i understand mhgen's save data is entirely on the SD card, I backed up all of the data on that SD before moving all it's data to the Micro SD on the New 3DS. None of my data should've been wiped from what i can tell. I got nintendo to unlink my NNID from my old 3DS and i was successfully able to link it to this one. However, even after transferring all my data and such, I cannot access the save-file in game. Furthermore, My micro SD is almost full, however there's no sort of software, save-data, or anything that i can see on the actual console itself, even though I know for sure that Smash Bros and/or Alpha Sapphire is on there at least. This leads me to believe that the 3ds is not reading the contents of the SD properly. Is there someway I can get one of you to look at the contents of my SD and tell me what's on there, and why i can't access saves? Or if I got something wrong, could you explain some things? Thanks in advance :)
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    All this content is crypted for a single device: your previous console. The datas are kept in different folders depending of their game/program, but those folders are named using sequences of numbers who have absolutely no meaning for another 3DS (who will do the same thing, but with other character sequences).
    If you wanted to use all the stored datas (whatever they can be) on another console, you needed to use the system transfer option of your consoles because it fully copies your old console to the next one (including the way it crypts the folders). Since your NNID is moved to this new 3DS, you will be allowed to download again the softwares you had officially downloaded with your previous 3DS on the new one (if they are still in e-shop of course) using the e-shop list of already downloaded things.

    What I mean is: you have in your hands a bunch of unusable datas.

    If you want to retain something from this experience, learn to backup the things stored on the SD card. That means: use save data managers homebrews.
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