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    Appears to be region locked US only. AP25 confirmed (presumably with dashboard requirement to match).

    Unlike some other annual franchises that could be said to appear to certain groups Need 4 speed does try to mix things up a bit on occasion or at least do more than minor tweaks. This one features a police chase mode and although it is not new to the franchise (the original franchise* had police with Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit having it as a core gameplay mechanic) it certainly marks a change from where it was heading the last few installments. Much like the others rather than being a pure racing game this is the lifestyle magazine equivalent, this time we are back in supercars rather than street racer type cars too. The franchise as a whole is somewhat divisive between gamers but much like the FPS debates it mirrors it is sure to be a pretty, well polished and enjoyable driving game.

    *assuming you consider the 2003 underground as a reboot.


    Video (developer walktrough from g4tv)

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    This plays more like Burnout than the previous Need For Speeds.
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    No surprise there as it's made by Criterion Games.
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    Yeah definitely feel the Burnout influence (which is a good thing IMO, loved those games, except Paradise) but the physics and overall feel of the game is polished and less arcadey (atleast not as over-the-top as previous Burnout titles). Anyways this works perfectly fine on my Hitachi 1.51 with the latest dash.
    *Fingers crossed Apache: Air Assault gets dumped soon*