NDS & Wii Titles Due Week of 28th January 2007

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    Yeah erm not much this week, even the other consoles have slim pickings too but that is to be expected really at this time of the year so no doom mongering ok?


    29th January

    Bomberman Land Touch! 2

    Region: North America Genre: Action/Adventure/Mini Games
    Developer: Hudson Publisher: Hudson

    Another year, another Bomberman and to be honest I prefer Bomberman Tournament GBA over the DS games. This time around as well as an improved battle mode and adventure mode, there are also a mini game mode! But these look like they'll be fun.

    Video Link

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    31st January

    Simple DS Series Vol. 31: The Chou-Dangan!! Custom Sensha AKA THE Super Bullet

    Region: Japan Genre: Action/Shooter
    Developer: D3 Publisher: D3

    In the past most of the simple games have looked well...cheap and thats actually their intention really, simple games for the DS. This week though there are two games released that look more like full fledged titles, one I'll talk about next but first is this one. Basically its like Metal Slug, only that you are always in the tank. Thats it really, it looks like a pretty simple game and maybe its worth a play, I know I'll give it a go.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Simple DS Series Vol. 32: The Zombie Crisis

    Region: Japan Genre: On rails shooter
    Developer: D3 Publisher: D3

    Ok I kinda liked Dead n' Furious/Touch The Dead, can't say it was worth buying and it did kinda lack the variety of the House of the Dead games but I had fun with it, this game is basically THE SAME. Monsters/zombies look a bit more varied and theres an awful lot of fogging in the vid but I reckon I'll enjoy it at least as much as the last one. Ok it isn't exactly groundbreaking nor is it that good looking but I ain't gonna buy it so wheres the problem and well it beats all these other shovelware pet/brain/etc titles that comes out of Japan.

    Video Link

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Also out over there but not really worth talking about:
    Hiromichi Oniisan no Oyako Taisou Navi
    Houkago Shounen
    Jouchi Daigaku Tsuchiya Takahide Kyouju Kanshuu: Ryoukiki Exercise: Riron no Migi-te to Kansei no Hidari-te
    Kaiun Kenkyuuka - Utsukita Mahiro Kanshuu - Mainichi Kokorobics: DS Uranai Happiness 2008
    Loopop Cube: Loop * Salad DS
    Mushishi: Amefuru Sato
    Umezawa Yukari no Yasashi Igo

    2nd Febuary

    PDC World Championship Darts 2008

    Region: Europe Genre: Darts
    Developer: Oxygen Publisher: Oxygen Games (oh dear!)

    Its a darts game, its from Oxygen who really suck and they haven't bothered to release any screens for it. Fail.

    The Spiderwick Chronicles2

    Region: Europe Genre: Adventure
    Developer: Stormfront Studios Publisher: Sierra

    Based on the film and book (more likely film) neither of which I'll ever read or seen because they don't really appeal to me. The developers have done many fantasy themed games, the recent ones kinda sucked but LOTR: Two Towers Xbox & Forgotten Realms weren't too bad. Again there are no screens which is usually a bad sign.

    The Sun Crossword Challenge

    Region: Europe Genre: Crossword/Puzzle
    Developer: Mercury Games Publisher: Mercury Games

    Ah the current bun! The terrible British tabloid paper best known for having Page 3 topless woman and not only is at times racist, but also homophobic. It features stylus writing and over 1000 "puzzles". Might be worth a pirate but if you really want to buy this then don't, just get one of those cheap magazines that are full of them because chances are that they will be a damn sight more clever and maybe better suited to you or just get the New York Times DS game.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    And well thats it on the DS front sadly buts theres been much much worse weeks.


    29th January

    Bomberman Land

    Region: North America Genre: Action/Adventure/Mini Games
    Developer: Hudson Publisher: Hudson

    Bomberman Land brings together three exciting game modes into one. The series introduces a bevy of mini-games, where most can be played in multiplayer mode. The Wii features 50 mini-games to play through. In addition, the Bomberman Land series features a robust single-player Story Mode, where players can explore a fantasy land and solve quests and puzzles with the ultimate goal of restoring peace and tranquility to the beleaguered Bomberman world. Best of all, the game includes the Battle Pack Mode, the classic multiplayer Bomberman experience that gamers know and love. No online mode though so boo hiss to that and I'd prefer it if it matched the look of the awesome older games but what can you do? Looks worthy of a purchase perhaps but I personally suggest you get on VC and get Bomberman '93 instead or if you have a 360 get the one on Live because that one is great.

    Video Link

    Also out...shovelware! Kidz Sports International Football

    31st January

    Family Ski

    Region: Japan Genre: Erm...ski
    Developer: Bandai Namco Games Publisher: Bandai Namco Games

    So apparently this uses the Wii Board, it will work without but you will need a nunchuck as the Wiimote & nunchuck act as the sticky things you use to ski and the Wii balance thing acts as erm the metal things you stand on...yeah the skis. Yes sorry I'm being too technical there anyway blah blah skiing game etc. It also uses your Mii as its character so thats nice, add online and it would be even better. I wonder if it plays well though. Hey Nintendo, 1080 Wii please!

    Video Link

    Dairantou Smash Brothers X

    Region: Japan Genre: Total awesomeness
    Developer: Game Arts Publisher: Nintendo

    I don't really need to write anything about this hot piece of gaming pie, it will be too awesome for me to write about. Its out in the US on March 9th and else where...f@#k knows.

    Video Link

    And thats your lot, remember some games may get delayed, some may even come earlier than usual. I'd like to ask people NOT to keep asking whether Smash Bros will be dumped early as well we have enough of that in other threads.

    Some Changes for next week

    Ok this thread will see a change next time as I shall be covering not only the DS & Wii but also PS2, PSP, PS3 and 360! Sorry I won't be doing the PC games BUT if someone wants to then please feel free to. Instead of one thread there will be two; DS & PSP and maybe mobile games in one thread and 360, PS2-3, Wii on the other. This forum is becoming less Nintendo orientated and I'd like to reflect that with my threads too as it seems that a lot of people are Wii60/PSWii gamers who also happen to have a DS or PSP or hell sometimes both.

    Helping me out with this is my extremly sexy ladyboy friend...VVoltz!
    Also the threads will no longer be posted on a Thursday. NDS/PSP/maybe mobile thread now called "Handheld Releases" will appear sometime Friday and the "Home Console" thread will appear on Saturday. Giving this a month trial to see how it goes and if it goes well then they will stay, if not then back to just NDS/Wii.
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    F*** YEAH BRAWL!!!!

    That is all.
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    So the release topic's going for a change? Let's see how it goes, I'm only interested on the Nds releases anyway [​IMG]

    Bomberman Land Touch 2 is what I'm looking forward to... the first one had some awful games that killed my game progress, I hope they fixed it on this one.
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    Nov 20, 2006
    Many thanks again for posting this
  5. Kressi

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    i want to play brawl now
  6. JPH

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    Let's see...
    and more crap... :<

    Only DS game I'm looking forward to this year, so far, is Ninja Gaiden DS.
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    and what about nanostry 2 not good enough to look forward to ?

    Anyway, thx hadriean, a want another cookie ^^ ?
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    I am actually looking forward towards
    Simple DS Series Vol. 32: The Zombie Crisis
    because i loved touch of the dead.

    It was short but sweet.

    That and i might get the JPN SSBB even though i allready preordered the NTSC one.
    I don't want to get the JPN one because i don't want to unlock a bunch of stuff and then have to start all over again when i receive my NTSC one.

    Or I could just play the JPN one and leave the NTSC in it's nice plastic. [​IMG]
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    Its not out until Febuary 26th US and the Europe date is still TBA Q1 2008.
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    Apr 27, 2007
    oh well, mayber releases next week, also good idea with the multithreads, imo those who fanboi themselves to just one system are missing out on some great games, better to have fun with the best games over ALL systems ;0
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    Only interesting thing is Brawl.. which I'll not play :/
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    GEEZ!! First, it got pushed to Feb. 5, then the 15th, now the 26th? Looks like we'll be lucky if it arrives by April. [​IMG]

    I might check out that Zombie game though.
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    It just shows how rubbish The Sun game will be because they've spelt "extinct" wrong in the Down crossword. It says "Exstinct bird of prey" with an "s" which is clearly incorrect. I for one look forward to the new handheld thread Hadrian because I'm a DS and PSP owner.
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    Those 'simple ds' titles always look so interesting.
  15. ZAFDeltaForce

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    Good job Hadrian, thanks

    Unfortunately, this doesn't look like a very good week for the DS [​IMG]
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    And so the VVoltz & Hadrian / Hadrian & VVoltz show begins.... [​IMG]
    Good job on this one Hadrian.
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    Great job, nice thread. can't wait for brawl, but won't probably work on pal so whatever. [​IMG]
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    ya not a good week but a great compilation hadrian and vvoltz
    bomberman is the only cool looking game for ds
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    I'd rather see DS and Wii in one thread, and the other's in another [​IMG] instead of DS and PSP in one... but that's me! [​IMG]
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    I like this threads, very helpful to know which games are being released (I didn't know anything about the new Advance Wars game until I saw it in one of this threads [​IMG]) and with the addition of other handheld and console releases information it will be more useful now.