NanaOn-Sha makes rhythm games for furries!!!!!!!!!

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Have you SEEN their games???? I mean, pretty much all the characters in Parappa the Rapper are furries!!!! For example: Katy Kat, Lammy, PJ Berri, Mooselini and Ma-san!
Then you have Rhyme Rider Kerorican, where you play as a woman in a frog space suit. A wannabe furry, obviously!
I could go on but I think I have proven my point! This is a satanic game company! Keep your children away from their games, and away from anyone who plays their games!!!!!!2 If you catch your children playing these games behind your back, throw them out, ground your child and pray that your child hasn't already been turned into a satanist furry nazi serial killer!!!! If you already own these games, take them away from your children and burn the games!!!! I did as this is a christian household and no child of mine is gonna play a game with furry satan atheist terrorists!!!!

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