My weird 3Ds problems

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    Sep 14, 2009
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    Ok i bought my 3ds at release date and got since then 3 problems. First problem the step counter( i dont know the correct word im from germany). I went to my friend who lives about 1200 steps away from me. So i took my 3ds and went to him. Then i opend my 3ds and i displayed 59 steps. I shaked it 10 times and it displayed 69. After closing and turning of nothing. After one close again it displayed 1167. I dont know [​IMG]
    The next two problems happend with pirates of the carribean.
    When i inserted it the first time i got a boot mistake. A graphic mistake and then blackscreen. At the second try all worked fine. i dont know what happend but i hope this can be used for hacking.
    The third was a completly screen freeze. I know Its nothing special but it was the same game. My 3ds and my dsi only stuck one time.

    ok I thought i should post But its really a bit crazy.
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    my 3ds also has a problem with counting the steps. it happend a few times, that i opened my 3ds to check the steps andy it showed something like 8500. after closing and opening it again, it showed 1000 steps less. maybe ists just a small bug which can get fixed
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    Super Street Fighter 4
    1/10 times i press the touch screen for a move (qcf, qcf, PPP for example.)
    The game crashes with the black screen ERROR

    This has happened 6 TIMES in internet matches. 4 of those times I was winning very well.