My update on my black screen progresses ..please help anyone!

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    Oct 24, 2009
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    Hi my wii bricked into black screen when starting the wii.

    here what i did:
    the wii is NTSC US it was 3.2 i updated it to 4.2 via nintendo and all modding was gone i was trying to use the sd menu to remodde it when it got stuck and i unploughed the power cable and it just went to a black screen ever since.

    here how i tried to solve it:
    1-purchased a drive key i installed it into a working wii and went to the setup menu and set it up to autoboot.
    2-opend the black screen wii and fixed the chip.
    3-used the savemiifrii method and got into the recovery menu with 4.2 at the bottom.
    4-insert a ntsc us back up of SSBB the drive key give a blue light on and off (i realy thought that it will run!).
    5-the 4.2 disapered and it went to a black screen and the blue light stopped but the dvd kept on spinning.
    6-tried an orignal NTSC US game (wii play) the smae thing.

    this is my progress so far i am stuck now .
    please any one any idea ?
    did i missed something ?
    can any one help me plaese?

    also i noticed that a plug at it holder is kind of burned a little dose it have to do anything with it?
    thats the cable:
  2. razorback78

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    Aug 3, 2009
    in as much as i want to help you on your brick issue, i could not suggest any for the recovery mode for i have not tried it yet. maybe you could check on here:

    or better yet post this on the wii hacking forums so that a more experienced person may assist you.

    hope this helps anyhow.