My reason why I'm not buying a DSi

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    My reason is because the nds lite can do everything the dsi can besides taking pictures. It might also have a wider screen but hey, if you already own a ds lite, you could go out and buy a good quality megapixel camera for about $140.00 that has way more megapixels than both the dsi's camera's combined. The dsi screens MAY be larger but the graphics quality is still the same. It may also be thinner than the nds lite but the who cares? My ds lite is very light in weight and I like the way it feels. The ds lite can do everything that the dsi can with a flashkit. Only things the dsi can do that the nds lite can do? DSi shop and internal camera's.
    nds lite + acekard 2.1 + awesome case = my kind of choice.

    Fell free to criticize and comment. =D Just saying my opinion.
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